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City Adventures Rent A Car is the most credible Rent A Car company in Dubai. Serving Dubai since 1998. Free Delivery anytime, any day, anywhere. Book A Rent A Car right away. 

Best price, Guaranteed! Book a rent a car right away. 

Book your Rent A Car at Cheap car rental price- City Adventures Rent A Car

24/7 Free Doorstep Delivery. Complete hassle free experience.

Frequently Booked Cars at City Adventures Rent A Car Dubai

Kia Sportage

  • AED 150|Day 
  • AED 720|Week
  • AED 2700|Month
  • Free Delivery 

Nissan Juke

  • AED 150|Day 
  • AED 720|Week
  • AED 2700|Month
  • Free Delivery 

Mazda 3

  • AED 100|Day 
  • AED 600|Week
  • AED 2200|Month
  • Free Delivery 

Toyota Yaris

  • AED 70|Day
  • AED 450|Week
  • AED 1700|Month
  • Free Delivery 

Audi A6

  • AED 410|Day
  • AED 2500|Week
  • AED 6000|Month
  • Free Delivery 

Lexus LX 570

  • AED 700|Day
  • AED 3800|Week
  • AED 9000|Month
  • Free Delivery 

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Why should you Rent A Car at City Adventures

Car Rentals in Dubai for every need

Are you a tourist? Are you a working professional and looking forward to a holiday or a trip to Dubai? Are you a business, a company or a hotel? Do you need it for a single day? Do you need a car rental for a week, or for a month or for a year? Do you need it for a drop off to any location in Dubai? If any of these is YES, not to worry, our car rentals company is at your service!!

Hassle-Free car rentals

Experience of car rentals at City Adventures Rent A Car is completely hassle-free. Whether it is in regards to documentation or it is in regards to booking and delivery. Our customer service executives are well trained and will make your car rentals with us completely hassle-free. If you don't like the rent a car you can always it and take another one. 

24/7 roadside assistance

Your safety and satisfaction is our utmost importance. That's why we provide you a 24/7 roadside assistance when you rent a car from us so that you need have to worry at nothing at all and just have to devote to have a memorable stay in Dubai. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, you can call us anytime - day or night and we will be there for you. 

Free doorstep delivery of rent a car

We value the time of our customers. Therefore we ensure that their time is saved by delivering their choice of cars for rent without any cost at their doorstep or wherever you wish the car to be delivered. For 95% of the time, we deliver the choice of their rented cars within 45 mins of their booking.  

About us

City Adventures is the most reliable and oldest Car Rental company in Dubai. We believe that car rentals should be hassle-free, affordable and be available 24/7 with excellent customer service. That's why we at City Adventures ensure that car rental is quick, convenient and stress-free for anyone so that your journey in Dubai becomes memorable, adventurous and comfortable. You can book it online at the tips of your finger at our website or you can just give us a call or a text message and your desired car will be at your doorstep whenever and wherever you want. We ensure that you are delivered a clean new car from our large fleet of luxury and economy cars, in case you face any issue with anything at all, no worries our customer service team have you covered 24/7. Your satisfaction and safety are our topmost priority and we would go to any extend to have that fulfilled. At the top of that, we offer a highly competitive rate of price any types of rent and we guarantee you that you won't find a more affordable and customer-centric car rental anywhere in Dubai.

City Adventures Rent A Car