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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I rent a car in Dubai from City Adventures Dubai? There are so many other providers!

We do understand that there are hundreds of rents a car company and a customer has multiple options to choose from. We are serving Dubai since 1998 with complete honesty and integrity. We simply are not interested in misleading our customers for a few extra amounts. We believe and therefore ensure that a customer should have the utmost satisfaction with our car rental service and the rent a car experience should be hassle-free for the customers. 


What is the case of car breakdown or accident?

City Adventures Rent A Car provides 24/7 roadside assistance throughout Dubai emirates. In the case of the unforeseen situation of your rent a car being involved in an accident, you should ensure your safety first and then please report to the police immediately. You can conveniently report an accident either through calls or through their mobile application. You will have to submit the police report to City Adventures Rent a Car so that we can make an Insurance claim. Please note down our 24/7 helpline +971-5057-89891 which you will have to call so that the team can facilitate any replacement vehicle that may be required both in the case of a car breakdown or accident. 


What kind of driver’s license is required to drive a rental car in Dubai?

For a person on the UAE residence visa, a valid UAE driving license is mandatory. Nationals from Gulf Countries can use their home country driver's license and certain nationality’s home country driving license is accepted if they are on Tourist Visa. 


Can I keep the rental vehicle for longer than agreed to in the rental contract?

If you would like to keep the vehicle for longer than agreed to in the rental contract you will have to inform our office. Our office will inform if you may have to incur an additional cost. 


What is the policy on off-road driving?

Off-road use is not allowed.


Can someone else drive a car that I rent?

Yes, an additional driver can be added on with a minimal charge provided that he/she fulfils all requirements.


Do I have to pay a fine for a traffic violation? 

Traffic rules are extremely strict in Dubai and almost all roads in Dubai are radar and camera controlled. Please follow all traffic rules including speed limits that are signed along all the roads. In the case of incurring any traffic fine by you, the same amount will be charged from your security deposit. 


What happens if I return the car late?

City Adventures Rent a Car in Al Karama provides a maximum of 2 hours grace period to return the car. 1 day’s rental charge will be applicable on any further delay. 


Do I have to pay for the Salik (Toll)?

All the cars at City Adventures Rent A Car have Salik Tags installed. There will be a charge of AED 5/- per Salik crossing. The Salik amount will be charged from your security deposit. 


What much fuel would I get along with the rent a car and how much fuel should I return?

The vehicle should be returned on the same fuel level as given at the start time of the rental.


What is the mileage restriction for daily/ weekly and monthly car rentals?

Please find below the details:

  • Daily Rentals: 250KM per day. (Limited cars have unlimited KM offer)
  • Weekly Rentals: 250KM per day. (Limited cars have unlimited KM offer)
  • Monthly Rentals: 3000KM to 5000KM per month depending on the type of car booked.


What is Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)?

All our cars at City Adventures Rent A Car covered with basic insurance. An Insurance excess amount is applicable (depending upon the type of car rented) in case of any unknown damage or if the renter is at fault. The renter can opt for SCD) by paying an additional charge of 200 AED to avoid paying Insurance Excess in the event of any known or unknown damage. 


Do I have to deposit a security amount and when would I get it back?

According to the UAE car rental law, a security deposit is compulsory. However, if you are a regular customer from City Adventures Rent A Car then a security deposit is not necessary. As a security deposit City Adventures Rent A Car accepts both Cash and Credit card. In the case of credit card, the deposit amount will be blocked on your credit card which means while the money will not be taken from the card, you won’t be able to spend it until it’s unlocked and generally it won’t appear on your card statement. 

Once your account is closed, the security deposit will be unblocked and return it to your card or cash (if you deposit in cash) will be transferred after 22 working days.  

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