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Means of Transportation to get around in Dubai


How to get around Dubai City

Dubai has a world-class transport system. One can choose various options available for getting around in Dubai City. With a large fleet of city low floor AC buses, taxis and metro one can conveniently get around Dubai. Above all these, there are cheap rental car options available for those who want to roam the city in style. From the economical rental cars to luxury and sports rent a car one can hire any type or brand of cars for self-drive at a perfectly low rate.  


Some of the means of transportation available in Dubai are as follows: 

  • City Buses: Here in Dubai all the buses are Air-conditioned and there are hundreds of double-decker low floor buses also. Even the bus stops are air-conditioned for the customer to get relieved from the scorching heat during the summer. The bus system covers almost the whole of Dubai and adjacent emirates of Sharjah.
  • Metro: The Metro connects the whole of Dubai. Therefore it is one of the most convenient and cheap ways of traveling in Dubai. 
  • Tram: The tram connection in Dubai starts where the Metro line ends. The fare for a Tram ticket is just 3 AED. 
  • Taxi Service: There are several taxi agencies in Dubai city however the most popular is the RTA fleet of the taxi that covers the whole of Dubai. Relatively, the cost of taking a taxi is expensive here in Dubai. The minimum fare is 12 AED. 
  • Rent A Car Dubai: One of the most popular options of getting around in the city is to rent a car. There are hundreds of car rental companies to choose your cheap rent a car in Dubai. From luxury to sports to cheap economy cars City Adventures Rent A Car provides the best cars at a much lower price. 


Get around Dubai City in style with cheap rent a car

If you like to take control of your means of transportation then hiring a car for self-drive from a rent a car company is for you. If you are rich and want to get around Dubai City in style then you can rent a luxury or sports car. But if you just wish to go from point A to B then you can rent an economy car. If you are on a visit with your family then the best option is to rent an SUV or family car. 

There are hundreds of Rent A Car companies in Dubai therefore the customer has the liberty of selecting their choice of car at a competitive affordable price. 


Most of the rent a car company provides free delivery and therefore it is convenient to book it online or just make a call to the company and your choice of car would be at your doorstep within an hour. 


What to keep in mind while renting a car

There are a few important things that we should take care of while renting a car from any rent a car company. Firstly, you should read and clarify all the terms and conditions so that you are well informed about everything. Secondly please ensure that the rented car is clean and immediately inform if you see any scratch, marks, damage on the car. Also, check the quantity of fuel present in the car and inform the company about it before signing the rental agreement. 


It is advisable to purchase a collision damage waiver especially if you hire it for a longer duration. This will save a good amount of money in the case of unforeseen collisions or accidents.   

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